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Your Local Electric Bike Shop 

(214) 856-4035 

We need to open late on June 27.  We likely won't get to the store until 11am.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be closing on the Fourth of July.

 Please call ahead to make an appointment for e-bike repairs.   

Come see special pricing on Wicked Thumb,  

Denago  and Magnum Bikes

Electric Bikes Actually Give more Exercise than Regular Bikes.

Have you been on an E-Bike?  They are amazing.  Stop in and take a test ride.  You won't believe how much fun it will be being on a bike again!

We also carry Sena Helmets with Bluetooth/Mesh communication technology.  Now you can talk with your riding partner (1/2 mile range) and listen to music or favorite podcast.

We carry the following brands:





Magnum Bikes


Tern Bicycles

Wicked Thumb

We offer various services to ensure that your E-Bike is being properly maintained and running efficiently, and sell associated accessories so that you can customize your ride to your tastes.

We Offer the following Bike services:




Flat tire repair

Fitting adjustments- handlebar, seat, stems

Brake Bleeding

and more!

Expert Advice & Friendly Service Available

Our team is here to answer your e-bike related questions. Contact us today.