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Your Local Electric Bike Shop 

(214) 856-4035 

We will be closing Sunday, June 16 at 4:00.


Please call ahead to make an appointment for e-bike repairs.   

Come see special pricing on Wicked Thumb,  

Denago  and Magnum Bikes

Electric Bikes Actually Give more Exercise than Regular Bikes.

Have you been on an E-Bike?  They are amazing.  Stop in and take a test ride.  You won't believe how much fun it will be being on a bike again!

We also carry Sena Helmets with Bluetooth/Mesh communication technology.  Now you can talk with your riding partner (1/2 mile range) and listen to music or favorite podcast.

We carry the following brands:





Magnum Bikes


Tern Bicycles

Wicked Thumb

We offer various services to ensure that your E-Bike is being properly maintained and running efficiently, and sell associated accessories so that you can customize your ride to your tastes.

We Offer the following Bike services:




Flat tire repair

Fitting adjustments- handlebar, seat, stems

Brake Bleeding

and more!

Expert Advice & Friendly Service Available

Our team is here to answer your e-bike related questions. Contact us today.