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Now Open!

Your Local Electric Bike Shop

We will be closed on Sunday November 13th, so that we can go to the Electrify Expo in Austin to look at a variety of Electric Bikes.


Black Friday Specials Available on all Brands

Aventon $200 off/bike (11/20 - 11/29)

Magnum $500 or more off/bike (11/21 - 11/28)

Serial1 up to $1500 off/bike (now - ?)

Wicked Thumb $ 500 off/bike - some models

We will be closed on Thanksgiving.

We've also started carrying Sena Helmets with Bluetooth/Mesh communication technology.  Now you can talk with your riding partner (1/2 mile range), listen to music or favorite podcast, take phone calls without anyone knowing your on a ride.

Please stop by and say hello, take an E-Bike for a spin.  We look forward to being your local electric bike store.

We carry the following brands:


Tern Bicycles


Magnum Bikes

Wicked Thumb

We offer various services to ensure that your E-Bike is being properly maintained and running efficiently, and sell associated accessories so that you can customize your ride to your tastes.

NOTE: The Wicked Thumb E-bikes have yet to be added to the store catalog online

We Offer the following Bike services:




Flat tire repair

Fitting adjustments- handlebar, seat, stems

Brake Bleeding

Expert Advice & Friendly Service Available

Our team is here to answer your e-bike related questions. Contact us today.